Greenhouse control at your fingertips

Manage and monitor your climate, water, lighting and energy remotely. Anytime and anywhere, simply using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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Operator dashboard on a mobile device

Easy to use

User-friendly and customizable dashboard

The fully customizable dashboard offers you a clear overview of your systems' real-time settings and measurements.

Quick and easy strategy adjustments

Keyword navigation and the dashboard enable you to adjust your strategy and settings quickly.

Designed for mobile devices

The dashboard scales automatically to fit on any kind of mobile device, including on smaller screens.

Powerful charts

Use the charts in Priva Operator to increase your insight.

  • Gain an at-a-glance overview from charts with real-time measurements and historical trends
  • Look back as far as six weeks in the past
  • View combined charts for analysis
Operator graphs

Quick and easy navigation

The intuitive dashboard makes it easy to navigate to the desired measurements and strategies. Using the handy shortcuts, you'll find your way effortlessly, even on a smaller smartphone screen.

Operator easy navigation from dashboard

Overview of alarms

Operator offers you an overview of all current and previous system alarms including detailed information about the nature of the problem, so you can decide exactly what needs your immediate attention.

Priva Operator alarms overview

Anytime and anywhere

Access to your systems, anytime and anywhere

Operator makes it easy for you to control the key processes involved in growing your crops, whenever and wherever necessary, simply using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Grower with Operator on smartphone in the park-1

Part of Priva Connected

Operator is part of Priva Connected. With this package, you will always be the first to discover new products and services.

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Greenhouse control always at your fingertips?

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Frequently asked questions

What is Operator?

Operator is the online web app (an application that runs in your web browser) that allows you to control your Priva process computer(s) remotely.

What is a web app?

A web app is an application that you can access and use via a web browser (such as Chrome or Safari).

How do I create a shortcut to Operator on my smartphone or other device?

Place Operator on the home screen of your smartphone to quickly go to the Operator dashboard? Here's how to do it.

Where is my greenhouse data stored and is it safe?

Your greenhouse data will be stored in the Priva cloud, a highly secure cloud environment based on Microsoft Azure. When you store your greenhouse data in the Priva cloud-based platform, the data is secured on multiple levels. First, the installed gateway securely transmits your greenhouse data to the cloud. Second, we chose to build our services/apps on Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform because of Microsoft’s specialized know-how and extensive security measures. Go to our cloud security page for more information.

I already have a Priva Connected package, what else do I need to use Operator?

All you need is an internet connection and a (mobile) device, such as a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Can I still use Priva Office Direct?

You can still use Priva Office Direct for operation and extensive analysis. On top of that, Operator offers you the convenience of remotely controlling your company's settings and measurements via your smartphone, computer or tablet.